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"It's a System. Not a Machine."

It's a System - Not a MachineOur motto means… we are more than just a manufacturer of machines and diamonds.

STI is the top leader in the industry who has developed a COMPLETE POLISHING SYSTEM from "prep to polish" with proven results. For surface prep, polished concrete, terrazzo, marble, and stone flooring, we offer superior machines and diamond systems that work hand-in-hand with each other to go beyond what you expected.

Through two decades of product research & development, as well as experience on the job, the P/M line of products was born. Every customer of ours knows that we only manufacture high quality products that meet our strict standards. From us, you will find grinders and diamond systems that are truly the best in the industry and will give you and your clients the floor you're asking for!


Day One at the 
World of Concrete 2016!

Feb 2, 2016 - Visitors at our booth were able to test drive the NEW 4430-RC remote control, ride-on version of the Prep/Master grinder!

Determine your application – then, pick your diamond system!

It's that easy!! These simple and reliable Diamond Systems are a result of our experiences — good and bad — and represent the pinnacle of grinding and polishing simplicity. STI Diamond Systems deliver consistent wear, performance, and results when you use any model of Prep/Master® to drive these brilliantly simple systems.

We take the guesswork out of "which grit do I do next?" All our systems are color-coded and numbered in sequential order for easy application. Just pick which system you want and follow the numbers from one up to seven, eight, or nine. No more guessing which color or grit to use next!

Get a TRUE mechnical polish! With STI systems, there is no need to use a guard to give the floor that extra "pop." You will get a true mechanical shine which will last longer and require less maintenance over the lifetime of the floor – impressing your client for repeat projects with you!


Concrete Prep

Concrete Polishing

Concrete Prep

Dry Polishing EGT Diamond System

Wet Polishing PMW Diamond System

Wet & Dry Polishing STI Classic (CLC) Diamond System

Terrazzo Planetary Marble & Terrazzo Restoration 
Terrazzo (TPS) Diamond System PLP Diamond System Marble & Terrazzo Restoration System

Sign up for the STI Newsletter via text!Grinders – Low Maintenance & Made to Last

STI produces very high quality grinders / polishers that are made to last a lifetime! Prep/Master® gearboxes are made of cast aluminum and contain no belts or pulleys that break down in the middle of the night. It's a total gear-to-gear system.

Available in a range of sizes, there is always a perfect P/M machine for any project size or need. Every P/M is designed with 20 years of research and development to give you the very best the industry can offer. P/M machines can do everything from prep to polish.

P/M Machines - Electric & Propane Models
Over 2,000 SF (186 m2) Over 5,000 SF (465 m2) Over 10,000 SF (929 m2) Over 20,000 SF (1,858 m2)
STI-2807 (electric) STI-2420 (electric) STI-3030 (electric) STI-4430 (electric)
STI-2807 STI-2420 STI-3030 STI-4430
STI-2818LP (propane) STI-2418LP (propane) STI-3038LP (propane) STI-4438LP (propane)
STI-2818LP propane STI-2418LP propane STI-3038LP propane STI-4438LP propane
3030-RC (remote control) 4430-RC (remote control)
PM-3030-RC PM-4430-RC 

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