marble floorMarble FAQs

What is Marble?

Marble is a naturally occurring stone that is a combination of different minerals that have their own unique color characteristics.


Marble possesses a timeless beauty that, through different designs, can produce a wide-ranging color and pattern palette that gives a dramatic appearance to floors. Think of the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.


Marble does need to be maintained more consistently than other flooring options, but the stone itself will last for the life of the floor.

How is Marble Maintained?

By using chemicals and equipment to restore or maintain the luster and color of the natural stone.

Where does one get these products?

This is the place! STI and their distributors supply the world's best diamond products and chemicals for the restoration and maintenance of Marble floors. Through the use of our products and knowledge we can help you to become very familiar and successful in the business of marble restoration and maintenance.


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