Polished Concrete

The Best Flooring Option in the Last 30 Years!

Substrate Technology Inc. researches and develops products made for the ever-changing industry that is polished concrete. We manufacture machinery and diamond tooling for the purpose of producing a high quality concrete polish with the most efficient use of time and cost.

Concrete polishing is without a doubt the most significant flooring alternative of the last 30 years. It is a process by which the surface of the concrete is ground and polished using a penetrating hardener to yield a surface that exhibits reflectivity and increased abrasion resistance. Basically it shines like crazy, is permanent, and all you have to do is wash it with water to maintain it.

polished concrete

The maintenance and aesthetic benefits of polished concrete make it an ideal replacement for conventional flooring options. The floors that used to be covered in VCT, epoxy, and decorative sealed concrete can now be replaced with a flooring finish that not only looks good, but is easier and less costly to maintain.

This means that the floor will serve the owner's needs on the basis of functionality, as well as cost less to do business. The durability and economical aspects plus a polished concrete surface can be enhanced using decorative dyes, stains, stencils, scoring, etc. make each floor a unique expression of the business.

Practical Uses and Applications

  • Manufacturing / Distribution Facilities
  • Retail Space - Big Box / Specialty Retailers
  • Airports / Hangars
  • Food Preparation / Processing
  • Schools
  • Multi - Purpose / Community Centers
  • Offices
  • Museums
  • Convention Halls
  • Stadiums

The choice to install a polished concrete floor holds many benefits for the owner, but usually the most important benefit is what it costs to maintain. Most polished concrete floors save an owner an average of over a $1 per square foot per year in maintenance.This cost savings is realized in less wear and tear on cleaning equipment, costly chemicals, and periodic patching/replacement of traditional flooring finishes.

Lastly, polished concrete is a permanent mechanical finish. The owner realizes the cost savings of a polished concrete floor when the floor is at an age that traditional floor finishes would have to be replaced.

Flooring Replacement

The two most common flooring finishes replaced with concrete polishing:

  1. VCT - $3 - $5 per square foot*
  2. Epoxy - (100% solids-2 coat, not including preparation) - $1-2 per square foot*

*The above costs do not account for down-time or shut-down of business.


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Polished Concrete 
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