Prep Your Floors the Superior Way with No Need for Chemicals!

The STI #00 & #0 Prep Tools Clean the Floor in Just One Pass!

 Surface Prep Tools

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Black Mastic, Thin-Set Mortar, AND Epoxy are instantly removed using the Prep/Master® grinder and STI Diamond Prep tools.

Value & Lifetime

STI diamonds have a proven longer lifetime! Buying "cheap" knock-off brands just to save money definitely does not equal "savings."

  • STI diamonds are only made of high quality materials
  • Guaranteed for long life & fast results
  • Faster results mean a significant reduction in time and labor
  • Reduced time and labor equal HUGE savings!!
Extremely Easy to Use

All STI diamond systems are designed for easy step-by-step application.

  • ONE pass is all you need to remove coatings, mortar, or epoxy!
  • Use the #00 or #0 before step #1 of any STI diamond system to get your floor properly prepared
  • #00 Prep Tool leaves a rough profile
  • #0 Prep Tool leaves a smooth profile for polishing or installation of flooring material
True Mechanical Prep

STI systems are the only diamonds on the market that can create a true mechanical prep for all flooring surfaces.

  • Absolutely NO need for a chemical to remove coatings before grinding!
  • Saves significant time and labor

VIDEO - Surface Prep Tools: Understanding the Difference Between the #00 & #0 Prep Tools

Don't know which tool to use? Check out this video to help you understand what the difference is between the #00 & #0 Prep Tools.


Superb Reviews of the #0 & #00 Prep Tools

logo armorpoxy“We use our Prep/Masters almost daily under very harsh conditions for concrete prep work. We find they are built like tanks, and require very little maintenance, and run better than any other machine we have used.”

~ Daniel Blum, President, Prep-Crete Services, LLC

Stoncor logo"The main reason I use the Prep/Master for the majority of my flooring prep work is due to its incredible durability and low level of maintenance on a job site. It is by far the best piece of equipment for the removal of high build coatings and membrane systems.”

~ Steven S. Williams, Field Support Manager, Stoncor

Case StudyReal-life Case Studies Showing Results from the #00 & #0 Prep Tools

  1. Parking Lot Surface Prep Project in Uganda, Africa
  2. 60-year Old Concrete Meets its Match with the #0 Prep Tool and the EGT Diamond System
  3. STI Prep/Master 3030 with #00 Prep Tool by J. Wesselman Specialty Flooring, KY

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