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Jim Judd, Operations Manager of Master Craft Floors, wrote:

Project Specs:

Area: 450 SF / 137 M2 classroom
Machine: 780mm planetary w/Ruwac Duo Vac

The Process of Creating the Mottled Floor:

  1. STI 25/30 grit hard bond prep tool for glue removal
  2. STI 70 grit 10seg
  3. STI 50 grit terrazzo pad (dry)
  4. STI FL-07 4C
  5. STI FL-08 #5
  6. STI FL-08 #6
  7. Apply Ameripolish brown dye
  8. Remove residue by running over floor with the #6 pad again
  9. Apply Ameripolish green dye
  10. Remove residue with #6 pad again
  11. Densify with Ameripolish 3D Densifier
  12. STI FL-08 #7
  13. STI FL-08 #8
  14. Burnish with 10,000 grit STI Spin-1 X pad to clean the floor
  15. Apply Ameripolish SR2 Burnish

The customer found an example of a floor that had green and brown acid stain mottled effect with a clear epoxy top coat. They wanted to get as close as they could with a polished floor. We emulated this by applying Ameripolish Classic Chocolate Brown after the #6, removed the residue, and then applied Ameripolish Classic Green on top of the brown.

We had never applied a dye on top of another color dye before, but we gave it a shot. Clean, Densify, #7-#8, clean, apply Ameripolish SR2, burnish. Customers expectations were met. They were very pleased!

A huge thank you to Nick Gawlik and Jim Judd for sharing this success story!

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