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What is Marble?

Marble is a naturally occurring stone that is a combination of different minerals that have their own unique color characteristics.


Marble possesses a timeless beauty that, through different designs, can produce a wide-ranging color and pattern palette that gives a dramatic appearance to floors. Think of the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.


Marble does need to be maintained more consistently than other flooring options, but the stone itself will last for the life of the floor.

How is marble maintained?

By using chemicals and equipment to restore or maintain the luster and color of the natural stone.

Where does one get these products?

This is the place! STI and their distributors supply the world's best diamond products and chemicals for the restoration and maintenance of Marble floors. Through the use of our products and knowledge we can help you to become very familiar and successful in the business of marble restoration and maintenance.

A Marble Polishing System that Surpasses All the Others, and works on Terrazzo too!

The MG2 Diamond System is a Simple, 8-Step Process that Brings out the Shine in Every Floor!


Marble Floor

STI's diamond systems offer the best value with the longest life, a color-coding & numbering system for easy use, and a true mechnical shine!

cleaning equipmentMG2 Diamond System Works on Your Existing Cleaning Equipment

  • For use on existing standard cleaning equipment, such as scrubbers and swing machines
  • Easy-to-follow grinding & polishing steps
  • Each pad lasts over 10,000 SF (1,000 M2)
  • Significantly reduces your time & labor costs
  • Effectively produces a high gloss finish
  • Use Step #8A+#8B to maintain shine for months
  • Available in 17- & 21-inch sizes

Raving Reviews of the MG2 Diamond System

Asia Mortar logo"I am writing to compliment your professional supports/advices/site visits & the great results of STI tools used to complete our project of prestige — The National Art Gallery Singapore (NAG).

We have accomplished our mission for this project and got more projects from the same consultants thereafter. We would like to express our gratitude to STI for their patience, visits, & great advices during the execution period.”

~ JJ Tan, Asia Mortar Pte Ltd., Singapore


Case StudyReal-life Case Studies Showing Fabulous Results for Marble Flooring

  1. National Art Gallery in Singapore Gets Clean-up with MG2 System
  2. Travertine Marble Shows its True Colors using the TPS Diamond System & CASH Pads

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Substrate Technology, Inc. provides effective solutions by offering high quality surface preparation and polishing equipment and supplies.

STI is a family-owned and operated supplier that knows exactly what the contractor needs to be profitable and successful. The specific industries which we support are concrete, terrazzo, marble, and stone.

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