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EGT Diamond System

EGT Polished Concrete Floor

The EGT Diamond System — STI's dry concrete polishing system — will get you great results in just eight steps!

EGT Diamond System and Epoxy Grout Fills Pin Holes in Concrete Floor!

Watch a demo using the EGT Diamond System to thoroughly grind and polish a concrete floor, PLUS a process using epoxy grout and pulverized marble powder to mechanically fill the pin holes. Superior products all brought to you by STI!

Rave Reviews about the EGT Diamond System

logo Master Craft Floors"Master Craft Floors has been using STI equipment and tooling for many years without issue. The equipment is bulletproof – to date we’ve had no equipment problems on our job sites. As for STI Tooling, we believe it’s the best on the market. Master Craft has tried other distributors but we have always reverted back to STI with no plans to change.

Substrate Technology’s diamond system makes for easy installation - the number coding on the back of the diamonds provides clear direction for our installers throughout the process. After running the whole system (steps #0 tool through #8 pad), our results are exceptional!

Master Craft has had great success with the new EGT System; we like the heavier concentrated diamonds for the initial cuts. We feel the EGT System is going to be a great fit for us and will be our diamonds of choice for future projects.

Thank you STI for the great equipment and products!"

~ Kevin Munroe, Surface Preparation Specialist, Master Craft Floors


Case StudyReal-life Case Studies Showing Fantastic Results for EGT System

  1. EGT System on 60-year-old Concrete at Terrazzo & Concrete Equipment, Chicago IL
  2. Rapidset TRU Overlay using EGT on a Planetary Machine

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