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Terrazzo is a composite material, poured in place used for flooring and wall treatments. It contains chips of marble, quartz, granite, glass, or other material, that is sprinkled into a binder. Terrazzo is cured and then ground and polished to a beautilfully smooth surface.


Terrazzo can come in any color combination and the pattern designs are limited only by the imagination. With modern technology, terrazzo can now be integrated with fiber optic technology to provide a flooring work of art.


Aside from periodic restoration of the wear surface area, terrazzo will last forever.


That's what Substrate Technology and their distributors can do for you! STI manufactures and supplies the world's best diamonds for the restoration of terrazzo surfaces. With our products and knowledge, we can take an epoxy, carpet, or vinyl tile covered terrazzo floor and bring it back to the beautiful, durable, and timeless floor system it was the day it was installed.

For polished terrazzo, we offer the following tools:

  • TPS Diamond System — our high quality, wet process polishing system
  • STI Terrazzos — specialized matrix for aggressive cut with fine scratch pattern
  • STI Terrazzo Plus — same as "Terrazzos" plus 70% more abrasives, a self-opening profile, and an identifying colored layer when pad gets too low
  • Terrazzo REDZ — for wet polishing epoxy- and portland-based terrazzo & stone
  • Terrazzo-M Pads — less expensive and thinner version of STI Terrazzo; use as stratch remover

TPS Diamonds — a system for Terrazzo first cut and polishing — plus, the EG Grout Pans for filling pin holes!

TPS Diamond System

TPS Polished Concrete Floor

The TPS Diamond System is designed specifically for terrazzo floors to create a long-lasting, durable floor that everyone will notice!

Long life span provides you with great value.

STI diamonds have a proven longer lifetime! Buying "cheap" knock-off brands just to save money definitely does not equal "savings."

  • STI diamonds are only made of high quality materials
  • Guaranteed for long life & fast results
  • Faster results mean a significant reduction in time and labor
  • Reduced time and labor equal HUGE savings!!
  • TPS Diamond System

Extremely easy to use.

All STI diamond systems are designed for easy step-by-step application.

  • Color-coded for diamond system identification: ORANGE
  • Numbered in sequential order (you never get confused by what grit comes next!)
  • Just follow the process from TPS#1 to TPS#7 and you will get the same results every time. It's that easy!

Creates a true mechanical prep - no need for chemicals!

STI systems create a true mechanical polish for all flooring surfaces.

  • Absolutely NO need for a guard to add that "pop" to the final floor
  • Unlike coatings that wear off, the TPS shine lasts for years
  • Much less maintenance is needed to maintain the beauty of the floor

VIDEO - TPS Diamond System: Understanding the STI Grout Pans

STI inventor explains the process of how the STI Grout Pans work on the P/M machines.

Then we demonstrate how epoxy terrazzo is properly ground, air holes are filled, and a natural polish is attained using the TPS System from STI that thoroughly processes and treats a new or existing epoxy terrazzo floor.


Awesome Reviews of the TPS Diamond System

Hertron International logo"In my 16 years of doing this work, I have never seen results like this happen so fast!”

~ Scott Englehart - Hertron International

Smart Floors Africa logo"I am amazed! I have done 3,000M2 (32,000SF) and the TPS #1 and TPS #2 still have life left! I will never use any other diamond for terrazzo ever again.”

~ Silas Katonyera - Smart Floors Africa, Uganda

About Substrate Technology

Substrate Technology, Inc. provides effective solutions by offering high quality surface preparation and polishing equipment and supplies.

STI is a family-owned and operated supplier that knows exactly what the contractor needs to be profitable and successful. The specific industries which we support are concrete, terrazzo, marble, and stone.

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