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One of our customers in Detroit, Michigan poured 25,000 SF of Rapidset TRU polishable black overlay.

When they started to grind the surface, it became obvious that cutting the floor with the standard 10 Segment tool (30 Grit) was not going to work. The 30 grit was not cutting the cap to expose the fine aggregate of the TRU mix.

One of our knowledgeable sales reps knew the solution – the EGT#1S (soft bond) diamond tool. Immediately, they could see that the tool was grinding down the surface.

After using the #1S, the EGT #2, #3 & #4 were then used to prepare the slab for polishing. Finally, EGT #5 through #8 under planetary equipment buffed the dark floor up to a beautifully polished surface.

Thanks to Steve Parker, President of Applied Flooring Inc., out of Mason, MI for letting us share this case study.

The Process (all dry steps):

  1. EGT #1S (Soft Bond)
  2. EGT #2
  3. EGT #3
  4. EGT #4
  5. EGT #5
  6. Chemical hardener application (densifier)
  7. EGT #6
  8. EGT #7
  9. EGT #8
  10. Chemical Guard applied and burnished

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