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Hertron International, Inc.

Hertron International, Inc.

Hertron International, Inc.

High Quality Polishing Compounds and Sealers

Hertron International polishing compounds, cleaners, and sealers bring back the depth and clarity to your beautiful investment. Hertron services both residential and commercial properties for surfaces of floors, showers, counter tops, walkways, driveways, and patios. They also provide products for both interior and exterior surfaces, as well as hardwood floors.

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Granite Ultimate Black - Granite Floor Cleaner - Hertron International

  • Use on granite floors
  • Produces that extra depth and color that is wanted on black stone
  • Produces high shine on other colors
  • Neutral, non-detergent cleaner
  • Available in 1 quart containers

One Step Polish & Restorer - Granite & Marble Floor Polishing Compound

  • A one-component polish for granite and marble floors
  • Use on any color granite
  • Works with regular steel wool pads on a 175-300 RPM buffing machine
  • Available in 1 quart containers, or a 6 quart case

Prime Grind 2 - Terrazzo & Marble Floor Sealer

  • Use on Terrazzo and Marble floors
  • The second of two hardening agents used to ensure a long-lasting surface gloss
  • Used also as primary maintenance product in automatic equipment or stand alone product for swing machines
  • Available in three-sized containers

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