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Substrate Technology, Inc. Prep/Master 3003AR Dust Collector Suitable for small to mid-sized machines Uses a Longopac disposal system 300 CFM (510 m3/h) .. Product #: 104000033 based on 0 reviews

Prep/Master 3003AR Dust Collector

Brand: Substrate Technology, Inc.
Weight: 143.00lb
Dimensions: 32.00in x 24.00in x 46.00in

Prep/Master 3003AR Dust Collector

The Prep/Master® 3003AR is a particularly strong filtering unit with fully automatic cleaning of the filter cartridges. Three turbines, each generating 1,000 Watts of drive power, provide the basis for the 3003AR exceptional performance. Suitable to small to mid-sized machines.

(Hose sold separately and cut to desired 25 ft. lengths at purchase.)


  • Uses Longopac disposal system for safe collection of toxic waste and dust
  • Fully automatic self-cleaning filter cartridges
  • 300 CFM (510 m3/h)
  • HEPA filter, OSHA-compliant
  • Strong motors and timing board means dependable service
  • Optimized proportions, with maximum performance and minimum weight
  • Automatic cleaning during operation

Compatible Equipment for the P/M 3003AR

  • Prep/Master Jr. grinding machine
  • Prep/Master 2807 & 2818LP grinding machines
  • Prep/Master 2420 & 2418LP grinding machines
  • IMPACTS S125E Shot Blaster
  • IMPACTS S210E Shot Blaster
  • IMPACTS S210E-40R Shot Blaster

3003AR Control Boards

Control boards for the 3003AR can be ordered directly from STI, but please note there are two different color schemes:

A) orange & green
B) black & grey

When ordering your control board, you need to request the same color scheme you currently have. It is vitally important to install the correct one for your specific model, or the vacuum will not operate.

How to Replace a Longopac Dust Bag

How to Use the Dust Collection System on a PM Grinder

Item Numbers
Item # 104000033
Dust Collector Specifications
Power 3 x 1.3HP
Power Supply 120V/60Hz, 20A
Cleaning 3 x Filter Cartridges 1 SF; HEPA
Airflow 300 CFM (510 m3/h)
Dust Bin Capacity Longopac
Dimensions 32 x 24 x 46 in. (80 x 60 x 118 cm)
Weight 186 lbs. (84 kg)
Vacuum Hose Connection 2-in. (50 mm)
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