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Substrate Technology, Inc. #00 Surface Prep Tool - Concrete Surface Preparation Leaves a rough profile Aggressive, super fast PCD tool for removal of coatings, mastics, or rou.. Product #: 571603412 based on 0 reviews

#00 Surface Prep Tool - Concrete Surface Preparation

Brand: Substrate Technology, Inc.
Weight: 1.00lb
Dimensions: 0.00in x 3.00in x 0.00in

#00 Surface Prep Tool - Concrete Surface Preparation

Rough ConcreteThe #00 Prep Tool is a super fast PCD tool that leaves a rough profile. Its uses are to remove adhesives, thin-sets, surface inequalities of +/-4mm and epoxy coatings with thickness of less than 4mm.

The #00 Prep Tool is made for use on concrete and should never be chosen to grind terrazzo, marble, or granite. The concrete profile after using the #00 Prep Tool will be one that is considered rough to the touch having up to 1mm deep grooves.

It is a combination PCD/metal bond preparation tool that has the EG attachment system as a standard for use on any P/M machines. The #00 Prep Tool is designed to be used as a dry removal tool only.

The #00 Prep Tool is directional. This means that any set of #00 Prep tools will always contain 50% right-hand tools and 50% left-hand tools. Approximate life of the #00 Prep Tool is 30,000SF (3,000 M2).

  • Dry tool only
  • 3-in diameter
  • 8mm thickness
  • Metal bond diamond
  • One "set" of #00 tools consists of 50% right-hand & 50% left-hand tools
  • Quick Change attachment for use with EG Adapter

STI Prep Tool #00

For productive surface prep that leaves a smoother profile for polishing or installation of flooring material, use the #0 Surface Prep Tool!

Understanding the Difference Between the #0 Prep Tool & #00 Prep Tool and When to Use Them

Proper Configuration of the #00 Prep Tools

How to properly configure and install the #00 Prep tools to the P/M machine:

  1. Attach the RIGHT-hand tools (#00R) into the tool holders that are turning CLOCKWISE.
  2. Attach the LEFT-hand tools (#00L) into the tool holders that are turning COUNTER-CLOCKWISE.

NOTE: Refer to the downloadable #00 Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for proper execution of the tools.

Item Numbers
Item # 571603412 = #00L Left-handed tool
Item # 571603418 = #00R Right-handed tool
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